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 Yale University diploma

One of the goals of Yale's humanistic education is to cultivate students' humanistic feelings—a rational attitude that explores the true meaning of life, that is, caring for the realization of the value of life, human freedom and equality, and the harmony between human, society, and nature. Yale University diploma, fake degree of Yale University, buy fake Yale University diploma, buy fake USA diploma, fake graduate diploma, buy fake degree certificate. Therefore, on the Yale school badge, the words "light and true knowledge" were written, that is, to inherit the European humanities tradition, for the church, more specifically for the axiom, for the clergy trained for the people-in Yale 1701 The charter states: The purpose of education is to enable young people to "serve the church and public utilities." The current principal Richard Levine also said: "Let young students use their academic and artistic achievements to contribute to society and work for the improvement of human living conditions."

At the beginning of the 19th century, the United States proposed that university courses should focus on practical subjects, and many universities in the eastern United States have set up practical subjects. The wave of curriculum reform hit American universities, as well as Yale, known for its conservatism. It quickly responded to this wave. As a result, in 1828, under the leadership of President Jeremiah Dai, Yale Published the famous "Yale Report".

The "Yale Report" strongly affirmed the important value of humanities education based on classical disciplines and rejected scientific practical education, claiming that "nothing is more practical than good theory, nothing is more useful than humanity education. The teaching courses offered by undergraduates do not include vocational studies. Specialization must start later ... Mental training will make students more responsible for society. "