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prefer to select undergraduate or postgraduate abroad upon graduation
   Q: You would prefer to select undergraduate or postgraduate abroad upon graduation?
A: I think the master test correct motivation should be: a profession of interested and want to learn more in-depth and thorough; test, Dr. proper motivation should be: a professional for a more intense interest and would like to do most profound innovation resistance of. For me personally, I'm adventurous, with a high degree of difficulty of the study with great enthusiasm. Fake Diploma, Fake Diploma and Transcript, Fake Degree, Buy Fake Diploma, Buy Fake Degree
But today, most students study section of the motivation is: I hope to increase their work in the field of application where a popular profession or further study strength. So, more people in the post-graduate professional will choose the most popular, there are a lot of people take this as a "school promotion" opportunities, that is, from two, three streams into the undergraduate class Graduate School Master's, and then rely on this awareness-class institutions to further choose to go abroad or to enter a good corporate work. The motive is completely incompatible with the Graduate School of postgraduate students in mind, but it also can be widely understood social identity. China's existing human resources market is abnormal, unusual intense competition egregious. The best treatment of the company may even be 5-10 times that of ordinary companies. These companies each year many applicants, can Barry, thousands of miles, even thousands of miles election, impossible to interview every applicant, PubMed itself disguised become senior corporate screening in the first layer of filter layer. Through this layer of screening, recruitment companies can save the cost of the interview. Thus, some companies may only recruit elite students, or only to recruit master's and doctorate students.
This "academic devaluation," the situation is definitely not a good sign, but it reflects the real situation. It encourages the students to schools, graduate school to increase the pace of the chase. So in general, I want to get into good company the best way to access or through postgraduate schools.
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1, giving priority to the possibility of going abroad. Even if you want to stay in China, but something was better than going abroad can help you learn about the latest technology, open up horizons of life, because the good foreign school teachers, resources and teaching methods are leading many Chinese. I agree that every person has the ability to go abroad should try to study abroad, whether it is a Ph.D., master, or re-read a college - of course, reread general undergraduate too costly, so this situation and is not suitable for most people. Go read the time required for a master's degree or PhD and Master in the country, the time spent is the same Dr. Long, especially in foreign PhD usually provide scholarships, it should consider going abroad. Of course, we should not choose a bad school. Finally, to remind everyone that the US visa is not easy to take, so you can apply more than a few universities in different countries, for example, consider Canada, Britain, Australia and other places. Fake Diploma, Fake Diploma and Transcript, Fake Degree, Buy Fake Diploma, Buy Fake Degree