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Graduation season approaching
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 buy fake certificate in abroad  Graduation season approaching, I believe we have a lot of things that need to return a large box small box country. But for many students returning to exactly what can bring something, you can probably take the number has been very troubled. We all know that with a return to alcohol taxation, then other things? Boys like golf clubs, girls commonly used in cosmetics, watches your cell phone, these things need to tax it?
Barbara customs sometimes feel like a battle of wits is luck thing. Good luck everything is all right, in case of more serious customs, really every minute on a leash.
A story to you.
Saying that when there is a 2014 graduate returning to France Du Bo brother, trying to impress others live frugally to buy during the return to the book (which is absolutely true tyrants learn ...). This little brother loves art and philosophy, literature and art of a very young man (I grilled over other people's blog I would say this kind of thing?). He happily put their hope in France years scouring the books were transported back. Saying foreign Books price you everything, also drunk drunk. Little brother that several boxes of books, according to his friends that he is simply the rest of your wealth. However, when these books arrived in Qingdao Customs, it was impounded.
Customs said: You did not fill out the customs declaration form, and your books are already more than the exemption limit, so you have to pay an overdue tax. Brother found himself a long time to save money to buy something how entry pay again when the moment is not good the whole person. And these books are not reactionary, not in the list of banned books. His friends urge you to think of ways to help, want to know how to be able to retrieve these little brother free live frugally for years buy books. So angry little brother came to help microblogging. Little brother friends to help post, want to know whether they can sue the seizure customs authorities.
For this kind of thing is hardly Dr little brother more sad. According to the General Administration of Customs Announcement No. 54, 2010, entry resident travelers abroad acquired in individual entry articles for personal use, the total value of the 5000 yuan, is the need for taxation. According to China's General Administration of Customs released in 2011, "Chinese goods entering the country duty-paid price list", the book is a standard tax of 10%. buy fake certificate in abroad
In fact, we have a lot of things when we are required entry tax. The most common is: 1, 2 cosmetics, tobacco and alcohol 3, electronic products such as iPhone, iPad. 4, the watch according to "People's Republic of China imported articles classification table", alcohol and tobacco tax is 50%, girls cosmetics is 50%. The luxury watches and golf is 30%, the rate of electronic products is 20%. Such as books, newspapers, journals and other types of printed materials, tax is 10%. According to Customs synchronized local customs message entry time of clothing, footwear are taxable, and even Made in China also taxable. buy fake certificate in abroad