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2020 Year US Business School Rankings Released! Stanford University wins Number 1!

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Recently, the authoritative business media Bloomberg Businessweek has ranked the latest year for business schools in the United States.
Bloomberg Businessweek is recognized as one of the most authoritative English-language business magazines and one of the world's most read magazines for business operations.
Since 1988, the ranking of global business schools has been highly referenced. It is an important reference ranking for students studying business, especially for MBA students.
For the accuracy of this list, this year, Bloomberg finally surveyed 26,804 full-time MBA students, alumni and recruiters based on their answers and combined the salary and employment data of each school student after graduation. This list. TOP 10 business school list fake MBA degree
As a company that produces business data, Bloomberg's list is not like other magazines. It only publishes rankings, but charts the statistics.
This year, the magazine conducted a survey of 126 business schools around the world, focusing on the quality of academic courses, reputation and prestige, entrepreneurship & innovation, and the power of alumni networks.
Ranking indicators:
● Salary index: 38.5% (starting salary after graduation, employment rate three months after graduation, alumni income, etc.)
● Alumni network: 27.9% (quality and frequency of interaction between students and alumni, school halo effect, etc.)
● Academic quality: 23.1% (degree of curriculum and practice connection, tutor support, class size, etc.)
● Entrepreneurship: 10.5% (whether the entrepreneurial / innovative spirit is regarded as the core of training, whether graduates have entrepreneurial skills, etc.)
Top 10 business schools this year:
The top ten business schools are:
2, Dartmouth College Tucker School of Business diploma,
5, University of Virginia Darden School of Business degree,
6, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business degree,
7, MIT Long Business School degree,
10, Northwestern University Kellogg Business School degree.