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2019 US Undergraduate Application Trends Buy fake degree USA

  2019 US Undergraduate Application Trends

1. American elite admissions continue to focus on key domestic schools
The data shows that Harvard University  ED\EA recruited six Chinese students this year,
but four of them were students enrolled in US high schools or holding Chinese passports,
while the other two students, buy fake degree USA one from the NPC High School
International Class. student.
The National People's University High School is ranked among the top ten key middle
schools in the top 100 schools in China. It is not difficult to see that the famous American
schools are very popular in the key middle schools in China, because the admissions
officers believe that these schools have high quality and history. Alumni perform well,
so the probability of admission is high.  buy fake degree USA With the increasing
number of Chinese students
applying for study abroad, the origin of colleges and universities is becoming more and
more important. This is a cruel reality.
2. Girls have an advantage over boys
Because the ratio of boys and girls in the entire US undergraduate course is uneven, the
ratio of boys to girls is about 48:52, and girls will be slightly more. Because girls are
relatively less rebellious during adolescence, more embarrassing, love clean, love to learn,
so it is easier to get good grades or easier to adapt to the system during the exam. Boys may
be more prominent in the follow-up research results, graduate students, doctors, and
entrepreneurship. Because girls will face family, child and other responsibilities after marriage,
they will also distract some energy. However, in the undergraduate stage, especially in the
direction of science and engineering,  buy fake degree USA girls are more likely to lose,
which is a very obvious trend
we can see. Therefore, Harvard University has been particularly willing to recruit girls in the past
few years because Harvard has found that they have been caught up in the process of competing
with MIT and Stanford. Especially in terms of admission rate, Stanford is higher than Harvard for
five consecutive years. And Stanford’s computer innovation is overwhelmed by Harvard. Fortunately,
Harvard also has a Zuckerberg save face, the founder of the world's largest social network.
But Harvard feels that there are no successors, so I am very willing to recruit computers,
especially girls, because there are very few girls in the entire computer department.
3. Individual institutions reduce the number of places admitted to Chinese students
Because Chinese students have grown too fast for several years, especially after President Trump
came to power, there has been a movement in California to boycott Chinese students, because the
proportion of Chinese students in many schools in the California system has reached 30%. It has
greatly affected the Americans' own enrollment opportunities, so now some schools in the top 50
schools are gradually reducing the number of enrollment of Chinese students. This is the direct impact
of changes in the US political environment and social environment on enrollment. It is recommended
that these schools be properly buy fake degree USA  circulated at the time of application.
4. Liberal arts is easier than science, science is easier than engineering
The employment rate in the American liberal arts is relatively low, and the income is relatively low, so
many people are reluctant to study liberal arts. There is also a rapid development of the US economy
towards virtualization, digitization, and artificial intelligence (AI), so most students go to study these
subjects, and the competition will be fierce if you want to compete with American students. These popular
majors will be relatively difficult. buy fake degree USA If you apply for a less popular liberal arts major,
you will be able to take some admissions.
5. Only achievements, no personality, the probability of rejection is getting higher and higher
TOEFL 106 points, SAT 1500 points, and is a student of the prestigious school, the top 50 schools all
rejected the case. Because American colleges and universities do not want to receive nerds who can only
learn, so students and parents who are studying abroad should not only pay attention to perfecting test scores,
but also comprehensive and comprehensive development, excellent standardization test scores, and
outstanding personality performance. buy fake degree USA  It is the magic weapon to stand out from
the crowd and attract the attention of the admissions officer.